NodeMCU Notes

Table of Contents

Setting up MicroPython

Follow instructions here.

To get your Windows computer to recognise the NodeMCU in WSL, first download the Driver here, then in Windows Device manager, find the new device and right click Update Driver.

Finally it will show up under Ports and see what the device number is. COM3 maps to /dev/ttyS3.

I needed to reduce the bit rate to 115200: --port /dev/ttyS3 \
  --baud 115200 write_flash \
  --flash_size=detect 0 \

You can find better instructions here.

Setting up a new project

> python3 -m venv ENV
> source ENV/bin/activate
> pip install esptool rshell
> rshell

Using rshell

Look in /dev before and after plugging in the device to see what port your device is on. Start rshell with something like rshell --port /dev/ttyUSB0. To see the files on your device, ls /pyboard.

Using screens